Ielts Writing task 2-Tips, strategies and model answers 😊

Ielts-International English language testing system, is an exam which has four modules, one of them is writing, which further has two tasks, however, success in writing module majorly depends on task 2 as weightage of Task 2 is more ,as compared to task 1.

So, to help you understand the concept in easy and simple manner.
Here, are some tips and strategies.
There are different types of essays, which we get in IELTS writing task 2, one of them is opinion based essay which we are going to discuss today.  In this types of essay, they ask students to discuss to given views and give opinion. So, we make five paragraphs, which would include-
• Introduction
• Body 1
• Body 2
• Body 3
• Conclusion
In introduction, we will focus on three statements like,
• Hook statement (Gen statement related to topic)
• Background statement ( Paraphrase of given statement)
• Thesis statement ( Our answer)
Then in Body 1 and 2 we will discuss both views and in Body 3 ,we will give our opinion and finally we will conclude our essay. Let’s learn things in better way with one model answer

Before that learn to utilise those 40 minutes perfectly. Also, notice how I used different colours to help you understand difference between Hook, Background and thesis

Life is a journey and has various phases like childhood, teenage, adulthood and old age. Teenage and adult life are often cited as the happiest times of life but which amongst the two takes precedence over the other is a debatable matter. In my opinion, just like nothing can spoil iron but it’s own rust , similarly, nothing can dampen a person’s spirit but his or her own mindset can. In other words, every phase of life is beautiful in it’s own way and making it the happiest depends on our own mindset. A person begins to blossom during his or her teenage years and embarks on the journey to understand life. Some people believe that during these years a person is most cheerful, glowing, untroubled and is beaming with joy and sum this period as the happiest time of one’s life. They assert that during this phase of life, a person’s youth is at it’s peak and can bask in the glory of a stress-free life. They can study and learn the skills to become whatever they want to and at the same time relish those moments spent along with friends and family without having burden
of additional responsibilities.

However, there are others, who strongly assert that adult
life brings more happiness inspite of greater responsibilities. They argue stability whether it is emotional or financial is of Paramount importance in being happy and this stability comes with age thus making adult life more enjoyable. A person is financially independent during his or her adult years and has a better understanding of the world. The feeling of Independence gives the person a kick making his or her life more joyful then ever before. In my opinion, happiness is directly proportional to our mindset. If we look at things positively, then a person will happily graduate from teenage years to adult hood without worrying about greater responsibilities and will take on the new responsibilities to enjoy life more deeply but if our mindset is negative then even in teenage years we can find faults in our life Hence, I conclude by saying that life is a journey and we
can make it beautiful and joyful throughout by positive attitude.

Hope you all enjoyed learning! Write the most beautiful
story of your life with us.
Garima Sapra 😊