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About IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening test comprises of 4 Sections and every section has 10 questions. The first section will be “Listening to the Conversation”. There will be a conversation between two people and you have to hear it carefully. In the next section, there will be a speech that will be determined to every social situation. The third section will be comprised of a conversation between 4 people on educational or training setup. At last, in the fourth section, there will be again a monologue based on an academic subject.

Altogether, there will be a total of 40 questions, and at the end of every part, there will be some time allotted to review your answers. Moreover, you will be given 10 minutes to exchange your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the IELTS Listening Test. Be careful while listening to the recording as it will be played only once.

Kind of Conversation You will be given are as follow:

IELTS Listening test will be conducted in 4 different segments, focusing on various speech patterns.
Section 1: It comprises of 2 speakers, talking to each other in transactional or social dialogs.
Section 2: Here you will get to listen to a speaker with a specific speech on a general topic.
Section3: In this section, there will be 2-4 speaker having the conversation on some educational or training related subject.
Section 4: You will be listening to one speaker talking on any subject of your interest.

Main Purpose For IELTS Listening Test:

The main purpose of this listening section is to evaluate, how attentively you can listen and understand these recordings and grab the basic idea or information from it. Then you will be asked several questions:
1. There will be a question with multiple choice
2. Briefly answer the questions
3. Sentence Completion
4. Completion of flowchart/diagrams/table etc
5. Matching the Multiples
6. Grouping

Questions will be asked:

You need to give the appropriate response in your own words, simply to see the correct spelling and understanding. If the answer you have given is wrongly spelled then the whole answer will be taken as the Wrong answer and hence it will lead to the negative marking.
For Example: If the right answer to your question is Cap, and you have written Caps, then your answer will be considered wrong. Therefore you have to be very cautious while answering these questions.
Hence the students have been suggested to have meticulous practice and concentration. They must work on improving their listening power so they can grab the conversation easily and quickly.

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