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To know about IELTS Reading Exam keep reading the article below:

IELTS Reading Exam:
IELTS reading test will be of 1-hour duration. For a better assessment, the tests for both General and Academic sections would be distinctive. Amongst both exams, IELTS Reading General Test is comparatively easier than the IELTS Reading Academic Test. The Academic exam on the other side is a bit tricky and complicated.

IELTS Reading Test Pattern:

In the Academic Module, there will be given three passages whereas General Test consists of five passages. For both modules, the number of questions will be 40. These passages will be about any common topic, you need not to be very knowledgeable about any particular domain to attempt this section. All the answers will be in Text form and you just have understood the passage to answer the given questions. The whole reason behind this test is to see the candidate’s comprehension skills and reading abilities.

IELTS Reading Exam Tasks:

Here is the different pattern of questions that will be asked in the paper:
1. There will be Passage or paragraphs with headings
2. Then you will have Short Answers
3. Multiple Choice Questions
4. Then you will have some Diagrams, Tables, Flowcharts etc
5. You will also have Matching up multiple sentences
6. Finding the Author’s View in the Passage
7. Classification, summarizing etc

Time Limit For IELTS Reading Exam:

To attempt all your questions and qualify the exam, time management is the key. It is very important that you strategically manage all your sections and attempt questions from all sections. Make sure that you do not waste time in solving the questions that you find hard, and attempt those questions first that you are sure about.
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