IELTS Speaking

With best practice and guidance no target is too big and no Band is too high. IELTSTheTrailBlazer IELTS Speaking course will highlight all the important aspects. With us, you will learn the latest tricks and updated course details will help you gain much better and also help you in fast learning. Read below to understand IELTS SPeaking Exam:

IELTS Speaking Test:

ELTS Speaking test is been conducted as a Personal Interview. In this section, the examiner will observe how cordial and how well spoken you are. This test depends on the basics of British English Speaking abilities.

IELTS Speaking test may take one day to 7 days, unlike other sections which get completed in one day. Since speaking is being a pivot part of IELTS Exam, therefore it is been conducted in the form of face-to-face Interview.
You will be judged on the basis of your confidence, solace, fluency and how clearly you can communicate. Your interview will be recorded for further assessment.

You will be judged on the basis of the following factors:

  • Your opinion, ideas, perspectives, and knowledge about general topics.
  • You need to speak on the topic that’s been allotted to you.
  • Your logic, thoughts, and opinions will be judged, so be very logical and sensible with your words.
  • You need to be very clear and precise about your views. Your ides or logic must be very direct and understandable.

IELTS Speaking Test Pattern:

Section 1: Introduction And Personal Interview: Time Duration will be 5 min.
In this section you have to speak on a very general topic, like, you will be asked to describe yourself or your culture or the things you like etc.
Section 2: Individual Long Turn: Time Duration 5 min.
Now you will be given Cue Card. Each card will be containing the topic you need to speak on for at least 2 minutes. Do not worry folks, you will be given 1 minute to gather your information and join the dots down so you can be sure what you need to speak about.
Section 3: 2-Way Discussion: Time Duration will be 5 min.

This will be the final round and it will be the most difficult round as well. From the Cue card topics, the examiner will ask you questions and you have to be very logical and knowledgeable while answering all the questions.

Your Overall Assesment Will Depend on the Following 4 basics:

1. Your Fluency and Adaptability
2. Grammatical knowledge and vocabulary
3. How you make error-free and grammatically correct sentences
4. And finally, your Pronunciation.

In IELTSTheTrailBlazer Coaching center, you will be instructed and guided logical ways to score higher and how you can boost up your confidence and knowledge. We will provide you with the right knowledge and skills that will not only improve your speaking skills but also boost up your confidence level equally.