IELTS Writing

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For your IELTS Writing Test, you will be allotted 1 hour to complete the two segments of the IELTS Academic Writing Test. You will be given two writing tasks, one of 150 words and the other 250 words. Here you have to understand the pattern and the other details for IELTS Writing Exam:

IELTS Writing Test:

IELTS Writing Exam will take place in two parts and each part will be comprised of 2 tasks.

Part 1: IELTS Academic Writing Test:

In this section, you need to answer every task in a formal way. You will be given two tasks to complete this section:

For Task 1, you will be given a situation, diagram, chart, or graph and you need to describe it in your own words. You need to explain every aspect and detail of the information given to you. Make sure you explain the data that is given to you properly and also point down all the stages/steps with a clear objective of the event.

For Task 2, you will be given the topic based on which you need to write an Essay. Your Essay should be covering all the aspects, should be interesting and understandable.

 Part 2: IELTS General Training Writing Test (GT Module):

In this section, you need to answer every task in an informal way. Here also, you will be given two tasks:

For Task 1, you will be given a situation based on which you are required to write a letter. Depending on the given situation you are required to see whether you are asked to write a formal, semi-formal or personal letter. Make sure, to add all the required information and your writing should be very precise.

For Task 2, you will be given the situation or topic and you need to write down your own opinion or thoughts about it. In this section, you are free to write your thoughts in your own words.

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